Be a Cam Model Without Sex?

One question newbies often ask our department, is if you can cam model without sex acts? The answer is yes, although, to get the most value out of your time online, and reach the most customers, we recommend you incorporate these into your shows as well.

If you’re new to the world of webcam modeling, you might be be unsure of how much you’re willing to do on cam in private shows. We know everyone has different comfort levels, and so ask that you let the customer know what your limits are, and not commit to doing anything you don’t plan on following thru with.

Some customers will just be looking to talk or watch a striptease, but many will also be looking for specific sex acts or fantasies to be shared. Many of our models have found that their own sex lives have been enhanced by being a model, as they have tried things on cam they hadn’t tried in their personal lives, and didn’t know they enjoyed until a customer introduced it to them.

Keeping an open-mind will ensure you are appealing to a wider range of customers, and can give the best experience for them online as possible, and your earnings will increase in return.

How webcam models make money, is by getting online and being a success with our customers. There are many different factors that go into what makes a model successful, however with all the ways we make it possible for models to earn credits, the sky is the limit.

On our network, models can earn credits with private shows, tips in the open room, tips in private shows, group shows, customers watching and not participating in a private show, virtual gifts, vods, bonuses, and promos! With so many different ways for our models to earn, our models can make a very good living if they have what it takes to be a successful cam model.

Keeping consistent hours, and staying in touch with the customers who take you private is a big part of how much money you make as a cam model. For many of our customers, they want to be able to count on you being online when they want to spend time with you. If they’ve invested money, time and emotions in their online relationship with you, they want to be sure you’ll be around next week for a weekly or daily date, or can know that you’ll let them know when you’ll be on next so they can prepare. Just like any other kind of friendship, the more care and attention invested, the more rewarding the experience.

Cam models have so many ways to make money on our network, that with care and attention, they are certainly on their way to being a success.